Bison Ordinance

Ordinance No. 2014-1, Proposed Ordinance for the Protection of Soil and Water from Wild, Free Roaming or Domestic Bison/Buffalo Grazing in the Valley County Conservation District, was passed by 74% of the voters in Valley County in November, 2014.

“The Valley County Conservation District proposes to adopt ordinance No. 2014-1 for the protection of soil and water from wild, free roaming or domestic bison/buffalo grazing in the Valley County Conservation District which includes a requirement that all land occupiers grazing bison must obtain a permit with an acceptable conservation plan which will include provisions for fencing and certification that the bison/buffalo are disease free; a complaint process; establishment of board of adjustment to review petitions for variances from bison/buffalo requirements; enforcement in District Court; and provision that this ordinance does not relieve land occupiers who graze bison/buffalo of liability for damages to persons or property.”