Products for Sale


Montana Native Plans & Early Peoples                                 $10.00
Grassland Plants of South Dakota and The Northern Great Plans                                                                                       $25.00
Prairie Sunrise, My Montana Range Life                              $15.00

Landowner Books:

Full Color- Ortho Aerial Photography                                  $60.00
Partial Color- Aerial Photography                                         $50.00
Black & White- Aerial Photography                                     $30.00

Valley County Wall Map                                                       $40.00


Bundle of 100/Florescent Orange/Large                                $10.00
Bundle of 100/Florescent Orange/Small                                  $7.00
Bundle of 100/Blue/Small                                                        $7.00
Bundle of 100/White/Small                                                      $7.00
Bundle of 100/Green/Small                                                      $7.00

Survey Flagging/300’ Roll                                                       $2.00

Wildlife Escape Ramp                                                            $25.00

Black Fabric/300’x 6’ roll (special order; not on hand)       $125.00

Trees: List published

**All prices are subject to change